Photography/Archival pigment print
32 x 44 cm. Framed
Edition of 10
€425 Framed

This image is part of a series made during an artist residency in early 2018. This period of time was predominantly spent writing, conducting research and testing suitable methodologies as part of an ongoing series of personal work. This image was made while taking time away from research and seeking solitude and respite in the surrounding area. The nearby pine forest acted as a suitable environment to experiment with thoughts on the unknown, emotional charges and their traces and the manifestation of fear. By navigating this unfamiliar, dimly lit territory, an abstract space was created within which contemplation and emotionally led avenues could begin to unfold.

About the Artist

Aoife Herrity is an Irish visual artist based in Dublin. Her primary medium is photography with specific focus on portraiture and environmental spaces. Key areas of interest involve social identity and the psychology of space. This often relates to the exploration of our psychological and emotional responses to the environment- both constructed and natural. Recurring themes include isolation, identity and the impact of trauma on the human condition.