Photography/Archival inkjet print
123 x83 cm. Framed
Edition of 6
€1,300 Framed














Hysteria is part of a larger body of work called Lay Her Down Upon Her Back which is project that explores the legacy of the 1880’s treatment known as The Rest Cure. The Rest Cure was primary prescribed to women as a catch all treatment for things such as frailty, appearing “bloodless” and hysteria. The treatment involved up to 3 months bed rest, isolation from your friends, family and family nurse, overfeeding to increase body fat, and electrocution to reduce muscle atrophy due to the inactivity of the treatment. The treatment was administered by the male doctor and meant the female patient was completely reliant on him, creating a power relationship between doctor and patient that many found troubling. The rest treatment was practiced widely both in the United States and in Europe until the 1930’s when it was discredited, however its legacy and the attitude towards women’s health and pain still linger.

About the Artist

Róisín White is a Dublin based visual artist. Her work is multidisciplinary, working primarily with photography, drawing, sculpture, and collage. Roisin studied Photography at the Dublin Institute of Technology, graduating with honours in 2015. She has further part-time education in ceramics, sculpture and drawing at NCAD.

Róisín White’s work often draws from archival materials. She has an interest in exploring the fictional narrative that can be discovered in discarded imagery, previous understandings agitated, and new meanings drawn out. Her most recent bodies of work have stemmed from both found objects and imagery. In addition to working with photography, she works in sculpture and drawing. Her drawing works show a fascination with the human form and exploring the body, while being inspired by the surrealist drawing practices. Roisin’s sculptural work often brings her photographic work into the three-dimensional and building on means of photographic reception.